Monday, January 3, 2011

New Word

It's 2011, so Happy New Year to all my readers. I have been awful about posting to my blog, but I really have to blame it on my savy computer family who I have to wrestle with to even get my time on the laptop. I just can't justify taking the computer from a 5 year old who is playing alphabet games. Just couldn't do it! Anyway, every January I try to choose a word that I want to excel at. I really don't take this likely. I want to be serious about improving myself in someway so I have chosen "Focus" as my 2011 word. This includes many elements. Couldn't we all stand to focus on many things in our lives such as focusing on our spouse, parenting,job and house. These are the things that I will be "Focusing" on this year. I hope that I can post different ideas througout this year that might help you along the way. Thanks for reading!!!! Blessings! Gina