Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Friends!

Thanks for coming to our Friday coffee. Can I offer you some delicious raspberry tea or coffee along with some yummy chocolates? I just can't resist these. They seem to call out my name as soon as they get in my house. 
   I do feel that it's the one time that I just indulge and say,"It's o.k." Isn't it amazing how many different treats that you can find in the store or bakery? I just wanted to get some for my kids to give out at school and the choices are overwelming. Plus, it cracks me up how it's a contest about who can give out the "coolest" valentines. My sons are like,"Mom, it's not cool to give out suckers, we have to give out fun candy like AIRHEADS. So, now I know. 
     I'm going to take a little poll on my post today. I'd loved to know what you find romantic.

  • A night out on the town with eating out, movie, or dancing
  • A quiet night at home, home cooked meal, rent a movie , cozy fire
  • A picnic lunch at the park
  • A handwritten poem from your hubby
  • Flowers
Of course, I wouldn't give a poll without taking it myself. What I find romantic is a quiet night at home, home cooked meal(from my husband) and also he cleans it up, a great movie like Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally and a great fire that's cracklin in the background. 
I might even get lucky(hey this is PG) and get a foot rub which I LOVE!!!! So, if any of my friends want to contact the significant other and hint on the foot rub then I owe you. 
Whatever your day brings, just remember how much you are loved by so many people that you may not ever get to meet but share a common thread of wanting their home to be a sanctuary for their families. Happy Valentines to all my Company Girls. I hope it's special as all of you are. 
Toodles and<>,


Kerri said...

Since we eat at home pretty much 6 days a week, I would like a night out. I also love flowers, not the expensive kind, just loose so that I can arrange them in little vases around the house. Have a wonderful Valentines with ALL your boys!

Becky said...

Night at home, kids at Grandma's, movie and a fire!! Only, it had been a long time since we lived in a home with a fireplace.

One More Equals Four said...

More than anything, I like a nice night away from kids! That probably rubs some the wrong way, but homeschooling and 4 kids means very little alone time! Have a great Valentines Day!

Rachel Anne said...

I'd like takeout from a favorite restaurant (we don't have much around here, but Macaroni Grill works for me), a fire and a movie. I'm used to seeing action movies (teenage son:) but a clever romantic movie would be great. All the movies that seem to come through Netflix to our house involve espionage and international intrigue. I really must get in there and put some of MY movies into the queue.

We got a surprise "free" day today when plans fell through. It feels like a gift!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a quiet night at home...except without the fire because we don't have a fireplace. hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. I know it'll be a season...we're hoping for a short season. =) I'm a former Pre-K teacher so our center had infants to preschoolers, and I've seen the anxiety before, but I guess it's different when it's your own kid. Today, all she got was 2 kisses, a hug, and a goodbye. She was fine 5 minutes after we left...a lot better than last Sunday. Have a great week.