Monday, February 23, 2009

High School here we come

Well it's finally that time to start thinking about High School. It really does just seem like yesterday that I was going and now i'm seeing my oldest go. Amazing.

We got to visit the high school here called A&M Consolidated. It's a huge school and I was trying not to say to my son,"Wow, I'd get lost in here." 
It was interesting to watch him with all the peers. It was definately a social hour that night. Man, he sure is growing up fast. I thank the Lord everyday for such an amazing child that He has given me that has such a heart for Him, the desire to succeed in all he does, a great friend, and respects authority. Something that I see so often lacking in today's youth. Bless Him Lord with the hunger to seek you in all he does and protect him from harms way when he chooses to go against the norm during his High School years. 


Lori E. said...

Hey Gina, I finally found your blog and I will be reading it faithfully from now on! I cannot believe how much Dan has changed and grown. I think you see it more in other peoples children. Although Colton is about two inches taller than me.......high school can you believe it. It really, really feels like I was there just yesterday....but we won't mention how long it really has been for me........alot longer than it has been for you!